Yixing Translators Give The Dangerous Reasons Why Yixing Is Really Missing From EXO Activities, How He Has Gotten In Trouble Before.

We,as a CN translation group work voluntarily for Zhang Yixing in Weibo, have something to say about his recently absence of group activities. We are very sorry to learn the fact that Yixing will not be able to join the concerts in SG,MY and NA. For now none of us knows the exact reason for the past and future absences of Yixing and we will not try to make any assumption without evidence. However, the relations between China-S.Korea recently are fairly strained due to political issues. The fact that SM is a Korean company may cause some serious controversial topic and do harm to Yixing. Besides, for Yixing’s endorsement with EXO of LOTTE duty free has caused Yixing trouble in China. He was attacked on the internet for this reason and some people even threat to boycott him from chinese market. That is the reason why Yixing’s chinese fans are also quite nervous lately.
We truly hope that all Yixing’s overseas’ fans could understand his tough situation now. It is really difficult for Yixing to work and develope even in his own country. Thank you for all the support along the way.Let’s support him for the future and look forward to the day when everyone will see him with own eyes!

credit: @weibotranslate

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