EXO Next Door Character Descriptions Released!

exo chanyeol 1
Chanyeol: Tall height and sparkling apperance, a member of the best idol star EXO who is a musical genius.  He doesn’t lack in any field and is always bright and a gentlyman. Chanyeol whom you can’t hate even with his troublesome personality. What could be the reason for his upcoming slump?

exo d.o bright
D.O: Did he come out from a comic book? He’s like a sweet boiled fruit, warm and friendly man D.O. Young man next door whose warm smile melts Yeonhee (who often gets abused) with his warm smile.  (Fans speculate a love triangle between D.O, Chanyeol, and the girl)

exo baekhyun 1

Baekhyun: Chanyeol’s best friend as well as EXO’s vocalist, Byun Baekhyun who has risen to the title of asia’s Ballad Prince. While they were preparing for his solo song that is composed by Chanyeol. He begins to realise Chanyeol’s slump when Chanyeol becomes prickly

exo sehun 1

Sehun: Like a sculpture who came alive with a handsome face, Sehun. Charming maknae, who has a 4D-like personality off stage. Got close immediately to Yeonhee’s younger brother, Kwangsoo”

The rest of the members are Members of EXO in the Drama.

Cr: mr.virtue, happyeols, aya.



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