[BREAKING] Tao Says: “I Want To Become Action Movie Actor, I Don’t Mind Hate Comments”

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Tao broke his silence at his birthday event, and multiple fanaccs reported he says he wants to become an action movie actor.

One fanacc at the party.

“The clear phrases heard today are “I feel sorry for you all, I love you” and “I know you guys are older” and “I’m still young, only 22 years old” and “After fulfilling my dreams of being a singer, I want to be an action movie actor” “I will not mind about the hating comments”

Another fanacc at the party:

Tao said: I want to become a martial artist star like Jackie Chan. Goals I set I will always fulfill. Give me a bit of time and I will definitely be back. If I said too much now, the mystery would be gone. Next time you see me, I will give everyone a big surprise.

Another translation for a fanacc:

I want to be martial artist like Jackie Chan. I said things must be done. Give me some time I will comeback as much now say, there is no mystery of. When next time you see me, I have a big sur(he didn’t say anything about he will leave exo or not ,and he knows fans call him to #小蜜桃 #littlepeach now,he also love this name )name)

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